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The Art of Noticing

Posted on September 13, 2015 by koren

In my early twenties, I moved from Michigan to Southern California. Initially, I marveled at the stunning surroundings and perfect weather. Every day was sunny and 75 degrees (Steve Martin’s depiction of SoCal weather in the movie L.A. Story was spot on). Every day, I’d put on short-sleeved tees, no jacket. Every day, I’d drive home from school via

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Taking a Mental Vacation

Posted on September 07, 2015 by koren

In my family, I’m the planner, handling the weekly schedule of drop offs and pickups, doctors appointments, and home maintenance. Vacations fall in my camp too. When we all head to the beach each summer, I’ve already spent months booking the house, renting the bikes, checking out restaurants, researching mini golf locations, drafting a rough schedule, and ensuring there

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A New Continent

Posted on August 04, 2015 by koren

In January, I put together a vision board for 2015. I snipped out images and phrases that spoke to me from magazines and greeting cards, glued them down and topped them off with post-its with my goals written on them. Extend headstand (done), do a handstand (done), write daily (not quite), join a writing group (done), do 1 daring

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"I liked learning how certain foods affect me. For example, I did not realize that processed foods and sugar increase my appetite. Once I cut those out, my hunger was so much more manageable. I feel better overall, and I am finding it much easier to stick to a healthy eating lifestyle."

—Theresa, South Riding

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